Program DGKK Workshop 2017

Thursday, 07.12.2017
from 9:00   Company registration opens
11:30   Regular registration opens      
12:00                                     Light lunch available for all, Foyer Aula
12:45   Opening of the workshop and company exhibition
  Room: Aula (ground floor)   Room: Forum III (third floor)
Time Name Title   Name Title
13:00 K. Möller Invited talk: Innovative III-V Solar Cells and Optoelectronics - markets, concepts and technology challenges      
13:30 S. Müller Invited talk: Lateral GaN Power Devices: Epitaxy and Processing
  Session 1a: 3D Growth I & Magnetron Sputter Deposition   Session 1b: Antimonides Characterization & Simulation
14:15 J. Große Epitaxial Growth, Processing and Characterization of Deterministic Quantum Dot Microlenses for Single-Photon Emission at 1.3 µm O. Ostinelli MOVPE growth and characterization of GaInAsSb:C layers for DHBT applications
14:30 M. Steidl Impact of rotational twin boundaries and lattice mismatch on III-V nanowire growth F. Predan Hall Characterizations of Lattice-Matched Grown Antimonides utilizing pn-Junctions
14:45 A. Nägelein Resistance profiling along tapered nanowires: Multi-tip-technique vs. transmission line method S. Birner Modeling of epitaxially grown heterostructures with the nextnano software
15:00 F. Hörich Growth of AlN by pulsed reactive magnetron sputter deposition L. Grieger Fully automated measurement and analysis of reciprocal space maps
15:15-16:30 Coffee Break and Company Exhibition (sponsored by CS CLEAN SOLUTION), Foyer Forum III
  Session 2a: Patterned Substrates & Selected Area Growth   Session 2b: Novel Material and Epitaxial Methodes
16:30 S. Walde AlN growth on nano-patterned sapphire substrates F. Scholz Investigation of epitaxially grown AlBGaN layers on AlN templates
16:45 S. Hagedorn Low threading dislocation density AlN/sapphire templates by high temperature annealing B. Jenichen Structure of Fe3Si/Ge/Fe3Si thin film stacks on GaAs(001)
17:00 C. Blumberg Site-controlled MOVPE of GaN nanorods by governing the Local Polarity of AlN on Si(111) M. Marx Influence of MOVPE Reactor Pressure and Temperature on the Nucleation and Lateral Growth of 2D MoS2
17:15 G. Schmidt Direct comparison of structural and optical properties of GaN fin LED microstructure with nonpolar sidewalls A. Ratajczak Twin domains suppression in MOVPE grown Ge1Sb2Te4 thin films
17:30 E. Gini Regrowth of current blocking layers in buried heterostructure quantum cascade lasers  A. Karg Tin-assisted MBE-growth of ε-Ga2O3
17:45 A. Kaganskiy Single-photon sources based on site-controlled quantum dots with a record-high extraction efficiency F. Schubert Control of unintentional oxygen incorporation in GaN
19:00 Dinner "Historisches Kaufhaus" (sponsored by AIXTRON, AZUR and UMICORE)
End 00:00          
Friday, 08.12.2017
  Room: Aula (ground floor)   Room: Forum III (third floor)
Time Name Title   Name Title
9:00 B. Kunert Invited talk: Selective area growth of III/V on (001) Si
  Session 3a: 3D Growth II   Session 3b:  Phosphides
9:45 B. Sheng Correlation of structural and optical properties of GaN/AlN quantum disks embedded in nanowires grown by MBE using highly spatially cathodoluminescence microscopy   M. Nandy In-situ study of AlxGa1-xP nucleation on As-modified Si(100) 2° surfaces 
10:00 S. Blumenthal MBE-grown cubic GaN quantum dot pairs   R. Bek Direct orange emission from a semiconductor membrane laser
10:15 H. Zhou Insights into (1-100) nonpolar GaN shell layers of core-shell microrod structures   J. Markert MOVPE growth of GaInP Rear-Hetero Junction Solar Cells
10:30 H. Schürmann  Investigation of Desorption Induced GaN Quantum Dot Formation Using Cathodoluminescence Microscopy
10:45-11:30 Coffee Break and Company Exhibition (sponsored by DOCKWEILER CHEMICALS), Foyer Aula and Foyer Forum III
11:30 End of company exhibition (dismantling)
  Session 4a: Arsenides   Session 4b:  Nitrides
11:30 R. Sittig MOVPE grown InGaAs Metamorphic Buffers for InAs Quantum Dots in the Telecom C-Band J. Shahbaz InGaN Heterostructures as Gas Sensors
11:45 J. E. Ruiz  Dilute Nitride GaInNAs Growth with Low Decomposition Temperature Precursors by MOVPE A. Fariza Comparison of C- and Fe- doped GaN buffer layers and HEMT structures
12:00 R.B. Kohlhaas Transition metal doping in MBE-grown InGaAs: Ultrafast THz emitters and detectors for 1550 nm optical excitation C. Berger Towards AlGaN-free III-nitride laser diodes with GaN:Ge claddings and tunnel junction 
12:15 R. Lang  Effect of GaAs Growth Rates above 60 mm/hr on MOVPE Growth Homogeneity and Minority Carrier Diffusion Length S. Neugebauer MOVPE of GaN tunnel junctions for large area InGaN LEDs
12:30 A. Paszuk Study of As-modified Si(100) surfaces for III-V-on-Si heteroepitaxy in CVD ambient P. Horenburg Microscopic interface and composition analysis of lattice-matched AlInN
12:45     M. Heuken MOCVD Reactor Development for Cost Effective Micro LED Display Processing
13:00   Closing Remarks of the Workshop
  Lunch (sponsored by OSRAM), Foyer Aula; from 13:30 Taxis leave for Tour at Fraunhofer ISE
14:00-15:00 Guided Tour at Fraunhofer ISE