Renewable Energy

Hydropower | The hydroelectric power plants in the delta of the Columbia River in the northwest of the United States produce 22,000 MW. In the picture: a dam of the widely ramified barrage system.


The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance develops new technologies for the usage of hydropower, both small and large scale. For example, researchers at Fraunhofer have developed an innovative power generator that uses wastewater to economically generate electrical energy even with small amounts of water and low pressure differences.

Experts at Fraunhofer see great potentials in the research field of marine energy. For this purpose, innovative technologies and regulatory approaches for marine current turbines are being developed. Furthermore, subsea pumped-storage power plants offer a completely new storage method. They use the sea as the upper reservoir and a hollow body on the seabed as the lower reservoir.

Competences »Hydropower« | Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

Small Hydro Power Plants

Small hydro power plants can be used in free-flowing waters and thus contribute to the energetic development of sites with low hydropower potential. The Fraunhofer Alliance is researching into economically efficient and ecologically compatible hydro power plants that are characterized by novel conversion concepts. For example, the flexibility in use could be extended by a mobile generator.



Using elastomer films to generate electricity

Innovative elastomer materials are set to convert the mechanical energy produced by flowing water in small rivers directly into electrical energy.



New elastomer generators convert mechanical energy directly into electrical energy with the help of extremely flexible elastomer foils when water flows in rivers.