Renewable Energy

For the successful change of our supply system towards a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply, research and development in the area of renewable energy sources like sun, wind, biomass and hydropower are essential. For this purpose, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance offers its customers a wide range of services.

Business unit »Renewable Energy«



Multi-Junction Solar Cell

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE together with the company EV Group (EVG) have developed a new silicon-based multi-junction solar cell, which can convert exactly one-third of the incident sunlight into useful electricity.



Compact design, low tower head mass, and good transportability: The generator developed in the EcoSwing research project, is to be used in the next generation of multi-megawatt turbines. 


Thin-Film Solar Modules

High efficiency and low production costs: These are the qualities with which thin-film solar modules are acquiring worldwide market shares.