Energy Data System

Energy data are used for controlling and operating electricity grids as well as for processing business transactions. The above mentioned areas each have different requirements: low latency and highest reliability in technical operation – cost-effective usage of available IT infrastructure and data security for commercial transactions. Both are closely interlinked. Therefore, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is researching on IT infrastructure architectures meeting the high requirements that arise due to the decentralization of energy supply. Most important aspects are data security and data protection, resilience (durability) and low costs. For the components of different manufacturers to exchange data, interoperability and standardization are essential. The implementation will be guided by recent research findings on the Internet of Things (loT) that can be used flexibly in the energy data system.

Competencies »Energy Data System« | Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

Data Security / Data Protection

Due to the increasing networking of various components in the field of energy management, the issue of data security will become even more important in view of the constantly changing information and communication technologies. Among other things, our member institutes develop security concepts for smart metering applications and for the control of distributed generation plants, storage facilities and consumers. In a learning laboratory for cyber security, educational offers of different formats for different target groups are offered. In addition, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance offers advanced training courses on IT security in the special application case of energy and water infrastructures.



Learning Lab Cybersecurity

With the cybersecurity learning lab, Fraunhofer and universities of applied sciences bring the latest knowledge to companies in a practical and application-oriented manner.


Cybersecurity ACADEMY

The Fraunhofer ACADEMY offers courses on cyber security in the energy sector.

Reference Architecture

In the field of energy informatics, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance has expertise in the design and implementation of reference architecture. In this context, researchers are developing model systems of energy system architectures that are used in various applications. As a result, energy industry processes are being further developed, creating, for example, a high proportion of decentralized energy generation. Using standardized, secure interfaces and data formats, Fraunhofer researchers also create uniform standards for technical systems and their components.




Mastering dynamic power grids safely - a federal government research initiative.



Optimal operating and controlling strategies for the reliable electrical energy supply system in Germany with a simultaneous integration of renewable energy feed-in up until 2030.  


The resilience of digitally networked energy infrastructures on the one hand against environmental changes such as severe storms or even environmental disasters and on the other hand against cyber attacks is more important than ever. The Fraunhofer Alliance plays its part in preventing and closing security gaps. A major contribution to the resilience of energy systems in the Federal Republic of Germany is ensured by decentralized power generation and supply, to which the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance contributes in numerous projects.



Cybersecurity ACADEMY

The Fraunhofer ACADEMY offers courses on cyber security in the energy sector.



The showcase for intelligent energy from northeastern Germany.