Energy System

Energy systems modeling

The reorganization of the energy system is a highly complex process with diverse sets of conditions and parameters but also with degrees of freedom and possibilities. For this process, a comprehensive modeling of the energy system is essential. Experts at Fraunhofer have developed concepts on different levels of abstraction to provide their customers with exact simulations and forecasts. These range from economic models, technical system and fundamental models through to comprehensive, cross-sectoral system analyses.

Energy and climate policies

Research at Fraunhofer particularly features the interconnection of applied research in the field of renewable energy technologies (sun, wind, bioenergy, hydropower) and the rational use of energy with the economic systems analysis and innovation research. By combining these competencies and based on national and international market analyses, our company can identify long-term trends in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency which offer a basis of decision-making both for politics and industry. To realize the future economic potential, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance examines already existing promotional strategies and refines them regarding the developing conditions of the energy sector.

Energy economic analyses

The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance supports its customers in the analysis of current and possible future trends in the energy industry. Our competencies not only include the collection of primary data but also feasibility studies and cost, market and potential analyses for technologies and services. New opportunities especially arise in the intersectoral analysis, for example the combination of power and heat (cogeneration).

Business models

Due to the rapid development of renewable energy sources, energy efficient technologies and political measures have fundamentally changed the conditions for the energy industry. Many established business models are obsolete, while the decentralized energy supply and innovative technical solutions are unlocking new possibilities. The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance supports its customers in the development of new business models by analyzing market and service opportunities considering regulatory, social and technical conditions.

These include concepts for management and energy services, demand-side efficiency strategies, storage applications in the power grid and the usage of flexibility options.

Energy supply structures

The transformation from a centralized to a decentralized supply structure requires meeting various technical challenges. Experts at Fraunhofer support their customers by developing new system concepts for the energy supply considering different expansion strategies for renewables. In this context, the design and optimization of power, heat and storage systems in the course of the increasing interconnection of different fields and changing conditions and demand structures are of particular importance.

In addition to urban supply structures, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance also develops solutions for rural areas. Isolated grids on the basis of renewables provide a promising alternative to the traditional grid integration. Remote villages in developing countries or inaccessible alpine huts can benefit from device-integrated solar modules, electricity from biomass and micro fuel cells to self-sufficiently operate electrical devices.

A further focus is the simulation and condition monitoring of new supply structures and the development of decentralized and centralized plant concepts. To ensure the stability of new supply structures, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance offers various methods for system tests. These include investigations on the electromagnetic compatibility, conformity and interoperability as well as testing of the grid integration.

The security of supply in new supply structures is crucial. In this respect, experts at Fraunhofer offer solutions to guarantee quality and reliability.

Electric grids

The development of innovative grid technologies is a key prerequisite for an efficient, cost-optimized usage of renewable energy sources which matches supply and demand. The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is researching intelligent grids for the generation, distribution and usage of electric current by using modern information and communications technologies (ICT). The diverse competencies range from power system simulation, multimodal infrastructure development, innovative power electronics and network technology through to condition monitoring. The portfolio also includes solutions for the systems operation, in particular with regard to regulation, dynamics and stability of the grids, black start and error recovery.