Renewable Energy in the Overall System

In addition to specific solutions for individual technologies, Fraunhofer Energy Research experts also work on cross-technology issues in the context of renewable energies. This concerns, for example, the integration of generators into the energy grid, the optimization of the overall system with regard to the interaction of renewable generators, storage, converters and power electronics, or studies and forecasts on the performance of decentralized generators based on meteorological data.

Competencies of the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance in the field of »Renewable Energy in the Overall System«

Renewable Energy in the Overall System – Meteorology

Digitalization, automation and the use of intelligent systems are becoming increasingly important factors for success as a player in the energy industry. This is particularly true for the integration of renewable energies, for which precise and reliable forecasts of expected energy generation and consumption are essential. This can increase efficiency, minimize risks and save costs. We generate customized forecast data for all relevant forecast periods from a few minutes (intrahour) to hours (intraday) to days (day-ahead and beyond). We offer meteorological analyses and other services in the context of weather-dependent energy sources for wind energy as well as for photovoltaics and solar thermal power plants.

RE in the Overall System – Power Electronics

In the competence field “Renewable Energies – Power Electronics”, Fraunhofer researchers are working to optimize the interplay between the efficient generation of renewable energies, the secure supply of consumers, energy storage and stable power grid operation. For this purpose, our experts develop inverters and DC/DC converters from the kilowatt to the megawatt range. For our customers we offer concept and feasibility studies and first evaluate suitable specifications and system designs with regard to electrical quantities, mission profiles and climatic conditions, etc., also taking into account the peripheral components of the assembly, connection and cooling technology as well as the optimal design of the overall system. In addition to the development of power electronic systems, the analysis, characterization and modification of existing power electronic converters and systems also belong to our fields of activity. Learn more about the possibilities of power electronics with a focus on storage and converter systems in the competence field “Storage and Converters - Power Electronics”...

RE in the Overall System – Grid Integration

The energy transition with a rapid increase in renewable energies, sector coupling in the form of integration of the mobility and heating sectors, and advancing digitization are challenges for the energy system of the future. Fraunhofer experts are working on solutions for a resilient energy grid. This includes in particular the optimal integration of decentralized generators in combination with grid-serving operation of converters and consumers and the integration of storage systems. Increasing complexity demands a high degree of automation. The Fraunhofer Energy Research institutes are working on simulations and the optimization of power grids for a higher absorption capacity of volatile renewable energies and are researching novel information and communication technologies including the use of artificial intelligence methods. You will also find further competencies and offers on this topic in the business fields “Energy Grids” and “Energy Digital”...