Grid Technology

Competencies of the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance in the Field of Grid Technology

Sensor Technology



NEW 4.0 Battery

Together with Fraunhofer ISIT, ADS-TEC is researching alternative operating concepts for battery storage systems that serve grid regulation and grid stabilization (more information in German).

Grid Resources




As part of the project »SiC-MSBat - medium-voltage inverters with high-voltage SiC power modules for large-scale storage and system-serving distribution grids«, a 250-kW inverter stack was developed for feeding into 3-kV AC grids.

Plant and System Testing

With the powerful and flexible test environments and laboratories and the know-how of the independent and highly qualified experts of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, we offer customers and partners from industry and the energy sector a wide range of support. This ranges from tests of electrical systems at the grid interface, metrological verification of the properties of distributed generating systems and their components, grid properties of inverters and CHP units, performance of photovoltaic and hybrid systems, to advice on setting up laboratory environments.

Our offerings in this area include the following components:


Laboratory tests or measurements on equipment on site:

  • Component tests: converters, CHP units, prime movers, intelligent network equipment 
  • Grid connection tests
  • Behavior of generating plants in case of grid faults (FRT)
  • EMC tests 
  • System tests: hybrid systems, photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic storage systems
  • Hardware-in-the-loop tests: power HIL, controller HIL
  • Power quality measurements, synchronized distributed long-term measurements
  • Performance tests for generating systems





»OVRTuere (Over Voltage Ride Through – Temporary Overvoltages and Derived Rules for Efficient and Safe Grid Operation)« investigates the technical causes of large-scale critical surges in the power grid.