Mechanical Energy Storage

In addition to compressed air energy storage solutions, pumped-storage power plants have established themselves as large-scale facilities for stationary electromechanical storage of energy. Experts from the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance are developing applications for the use of these technologies on a smaller scale (5-50 MWel).

Competencies of the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance in the Field of Mechanical Energy Storage

Compressed Air Storage

Electricity can be (thermo-)mechanically stored in so-called CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage). In addition to pumped-storage power plants, existing CAES plants with fossil co-firing become well-established as industrial plants for stationary energy storage. Experts of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are developing applications for the use of the technology without fossil fuel firing, on a smaller scale (<50MWel) and are continuously working on the optimization of technologies and processes in the field of compressed air storage.




Development of a new plant technology for the sustainable storage of electricity with compressed air

Pumped Storage Solutions

The use of marine pumped storage facilities enables the offshore storage of large amounts of electrical energy. The sea itself is used as the upper reservoir, while the lower reservoir is formed by a hollow body on the sea floor. In a comprehensive project, Fraunhofer researchers are working on the development and testing of a novel marine pumped storage concept. There is great potential for the application of the technology in coastal locations, especially in front of large densely populated regions.




The "Stored Energy in the Sea" project involves the development and testing of a novel pumped storage concept for storing large amounts of electrical energy offshore. The sea itself is used as the upper storage reservoir.