Exchange of Energy Data

As the demands on electric grids are increasing, data exchange processes also become more complex. Modern, standardized interfaces allow for data streams to be implemented in a reliable way and ensure a permanent exchange of information. For future grid operations, standards like IEC 61850, IEC 61970, IEC 62351 and IEC 62325, that only describe a part of the interface requirements, are indispensable. Especially when using generally available communication lines, data security and availability are of utmost importance. Moreover, experts at Fraunhofer are working on new wireless procedures for narrowband communications to use the sensor data from the distributed energy grid in a cost-effective way.

The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance offers suitable solutions to ensure a safe and trouble-free data exchange between all participants.

Competencies »Exchange of Energy Data« | Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

Information and Communications Technology Networks (ICT)

Information and communication technology networks are used in numerous applications. The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is primarily concerned with the use of ICT in the field of energy management, for example for Smart Cities. ICT is used in applied research projects to support the active role of the consumer, for example by providing detailed information on energy consumption. This approach integrates the use of ICT in an interdisciplinary project instead of a purely technical basis. Among other things, researchers at Fraunhofer are also investigating the flexibilization potential of ICT concepts and demonstrating this on the basis of functional patterns. For example, with regard to a low-cost smart grid communication system based on ripple control technology.



Energy Meteorology Systems

Fraunhofer IEE's real-time power estimates and forecasts are the centrepiece of innovative solutions for reliable grid operation and planning with weather-dependent energy sources.


Cheap Flex

»Cheap Flex« developed a cost-efficient smart grid communication system based on ripple control.