Fraunhofer Energy Research

Fraunhofer Energy Alliance


The Fraunhofer Energy Alliance is made up by 20 Fraunhofer institutes which deal with different topics in the field of energy research.


Key offerings include product development and (research) services in the field of energy generation, storage, distribution and integration. Equally important for a future-oriented, fair and economical energy supply is the digitalization of the entire energy system, systemic solutions and the inclusion of framework conditions in the area of climate and environment.


By pooling competencies and using synergies, we offer our customers customized, cost-efficient solutions from one source.


Members I Locations I Guiding Principles

You would like to know where a certain Fraunhofer institute is headquartered or get an overview of our members? 



Office of the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance

c/o Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE 

Heidenhofstr. 2

79110 Freiburg


Phone +49 761 4588 5077

Fax +49 761 4588 9077

Fraunhofer Battery Alliance and Fraunhofer Water Systems Alliance (SysWasser)

Collaboration with our partner alliances of the Fraunhofer Water Systems Alliance (SysWasser) and the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance allows us to be a "one stop shop" for our customers in the field of renewable energy research. Learn more about their expertise in the field of water cycles and storage technologies...


Water Systems Alliance

The Fraunhofer Water Systems Alliance (SysWasser) offers innovative solutions for the entire water cycle, from water catchment to water distribution systems to wastewater treatment.


We combine our joint competencies at the interface of the water-energy-food nexus in the business unit "Energy, Climate and Environment".


Battery Alliance

The 20 institutes of the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance offer in-depth expertise in the field of energy storage. Their competencies include the entire value chain from materials and cell production to systemic issues, simulation and testing.


In the business unit “Energy Storage”, the Energy and Battery Alliances have combined their range of services in this future-oriented field.

Research Facilities in the Energy Sector

Excellence in Research and Development

In addition to the alliances in which institutes pool their know-how on the market side, our experts join forces in thematic and strategic research networks to address social and economic issues of the future.


Alliances, research clusters and strategic research fields all aim to achieve excellent results in research and development. On the following pages you can learn more about our initiatives in the energy sector...

Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence »Integrated Energy Systems« CINES

The research cluster "Integrated Energy Systems" addresses the central technological and economic challenges of the next phases of the global energy transition: the system and market integration of high shares of variable renewable energies into the energy system.


Research interest is currently focused on three central areas: On the one hand, the cross-sectoral system analysis, on the other hand digital solution models for system integration and operation management as well as the further development of electrolysis as a central component of the future topic of hydrogen technologies.  




Group for Energy Technologies and Climate Protection the platform for the strategic alignment of the energy research dossiers and voice for energy and climate policy concerns.


Resource Efficiency and Climate Technologies

In order to be able to react flexibly to relevant future topics, Fraunhofer researchers work together in strategic research fields...


Hydrogen Technologies

...Two of the seven strategic research fields that form the focus of the Fraunhofer portfolio are in the field of energy.