Li-Ion Booster Module

Li-Ion Booster System für Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

This exhibit shows the Li-Ion Booster developed at ISIT. The booster is based on the Li-Ion battery technology, which was further developed by Fraunhofer ISIT. The module can be discharged with up to 30C and charged with up to 10C according to the cell chemistry used. Thus, the present module can be completely discharged with a nominal load of 3.3 amperes in case of discharge with up to 100 amperes within two minutes. The module also features heat dissipation at cell level. These features qualifies the module for use in electric or hybrid vehicles. Conveyor floor vehicles, industrial cranes and also rail vehicles can be equipped with modules of this type. The module and the cell technology are at the same level as the functional demonstrator and can be equipped either with a battery management system from Fraunhofer ISIT or with a commercial battery management system. Depending on the application, it is possible to vary the module and cell geometry in order to make optimal use of the installation space. The development of cell technology, the design of energy storage systems, but also studies on cell and system technology including support for customers in the implementation of projects are core competencies of ISIT. Fraunhofer ISIT offers you the opportunity to lead your project to success quickly and competently. Please find further information on within the segment of Power Electronics and Batteries for Special Applications.