DaVe - Data Aggregation Tool for the Automated Generation of Region-Specific Energy Network Models

A substantial aspect at the simulation and analysis of energy infrastructures are suitable grid models. The data aggregation tool DAVE generates individual region specific energy grid models automatically based on open data and without any expert knowledge.  For the grid model creation, the user only has to specify the desired grid area and grid levels. DAVE uses grid specific, geographical and demographic information from different open-data-sources and handles collection, fusion and output of the data. While comparable tools focus on a detailed view of certain energy grid levels, the approach from DAVE is the opposite, with a wide data range used for as many model constellations as possible. A big advantage of this procedure is the creation and combination of multiple different grid levels. Currently, DAVE covers power grid models for all voltage levels within Germany as well as the gas transport grid for Europe. Besides grid models purely geographic models can also be generated, e.g. with building areas and road layouts. For further use of the resulting data, converters for the grid analysis tools pandapower, pandapipes and MYNTS are available.