Digital Grid Lab - Interoperability Tests Smart Grid

In our Digital Grid Lab, we offer interoperability tests for charging infrastructure as well as for smart metering and control systems in the smart grid. 

With our test bench for AC and DC charging infrastructure, we offer a standardized test environment for your charging station. With your own or with our OCPP backend, charging limits are sent to the charging station and evaluated, according to protocol-specific use cases. Our digital twin of an electric vehicle provides a flexible controllable counterpart for the device under test (DUT). Using the relevant communication standards, it implements all possible load flows (bidirectional, AC, DC) with our power amplifiers. 

Furthermore, we offer device manufacturers, distribution system operators (DSO) as well as platform providers extensive testing and test options for control units (FNN control box, EMS, device controller) in the scope of the SMGW infrastructure. Possible test scenarios range from pure communication tests to complex smart grid scenarios with multiple devices and actual power flows. We cover the entire communication chain from the DSO control room to the controllable device.