EEProg - Forecasts of Renewable Energy Feed-in

Our optimized forecasts, based on weather and modern AI-methods, support you in all your energy related processes. With increasing amounts of electricity coming from wind and solar, our energy systems more and more depend on weather. But with us you keep it on schedule!

Available power, production and feed-in (as well as market prices) vary in time and space. Increasing renewable capacity due to climate protection targets on local, regional, national or international level will enhance this behavior. Our ISO27001 certified forecasts offer all needed in accuracy, reliability and scalability, for quarter hours up to days into the future.

With modern machine learning methods, based on our R&D projects with operational users, we generate forecasts for technical as well as controllable resources, like wind farms, solar parks, your complete portfolio or grid area. Find us prepared to address your needs like Redispatch, own consumption, solar eclipses, dust, and many more.

Moreover, we will be happy to discuss your questions around forecasting, evaluations or the way you build up your own forecasting system.

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