NET ZERO ENERGY – The New Energy Efficiency

The evolution to Industry 4.0 has made energy an even more complex issue. Industrial companies are not only being confronted with efficiency standards and changing legal constraints with concomitant volatility of renewable energies but also have to keep an eye on ongoing digitalization, their infrastructures ’ resilienceand steadily rising energy prices. Positioning oneself to be technically future-proof, preparing for unforeseeable events and thus ensuring continued production in the long-term are contingent on an integrated and structured assessment of energy.

Our experts at the Fraunhofer IFF use their long-standing scientific expertise to analyze the conditions for this at manufacturing facilities. Building upon this, we use innovative tools to develop and implement the right solution technologyagnostically and always with an eye toward cost effectiveness and sustainability. A detailed list of actions based on individual objectives is compiled, covering the entire spectrum from energy production and supply, including marketing and reuse, to infrastructure integration down to new business models. Our three-point plan for your objectives: Requirements analysis and potential survey (analysis of the energetic and infrastructural framework conditions), technology screening (individual and market-neutral technology profiles), implementation concept (development of a system design).