SOFIE - Software Toolbox for Integrated Energy Infrastructures

The need to find effective solutions for the CO2-neutral supply of heat is one of the greatest challenges for local actors such as municipal utilities, municipalities and distribution network operators. As part of the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence "Integrated Energy Systems" (Fraunhofer CINES), we as the CINES dimension Municipal Energy Planning would like to support local actors with our service in the transformation of the energy system to achieve the climate targets. We provide studies with relevant insights into the regional transformation of the national energy system. We offer a toolbox that enables cross-sectoral analyses of buildings, energy infrastructures and the overall sector-coupled energy system.

With the link to the CINES dimension energy system analysis, we look at the impact of national future scenarios on regional areas and actors. Here, we use among others the tool Hotmaps to identify local heat sources. Using DISTRICT, the energy supply of a district can be optimized, and we offer more detailed load flow analyses via the tools PandaPower for power grids and PandaPipes for heat and gas networks. In addition, we use the tool Mynts to investigate the hydrogen compatibility of a gas network and how the heating value in the network changes as a result of local feed-in. Currently under development is another tool, called MERLIN, for evaluating investments in electricity and gas distribution networks as well as heat networks, taking into account the regulatory framework.

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