WAFB - Dynamic Line Rating

How to raise the ampacity while keeping the grid secure without enhancing existing or installing new transmission lines? Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) is the solution for optimizing your grid in an efficient way! Combining meteorological information with the properties of the installed conductors leads to the maximum ampacity which is possible to not exceed the allowed conductor temperature (mostly 80~°C). In almost all hours of a year the cooling of the conductors due to the weather conditions is stronger than assumed in the norm EN 50182. Therefore, an often remarkably higher ampacity can be used at these times. The benefit of the indirect method of Fraunhofer IEE is, that besides estimating the current status, forecasts for different planning processes can be delivered as well. Moreover, potentials can be determined and perfect locations where to place measuring equipment can be found by using historical weather information. As a side effect situations with air temperatures above 35~°C are recognized and the necessary reduction of the ampacity below the static value to guarantee a secure grid operation is given. We fit our customized solutions to your needs. Whether you prefer an in-house running module or a software-as-a-service, whether a single transmission line or a whole grid area shall be investigated – we get it done.